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Men don't mature until they're 43, new study finds

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Men Don't Mature Until They Hit 43

If your guy isn't the most grown-up-acting, it's not his fault. New science zeroed in on the exact age that boys mature completely ... It's 43. The average woman matures at 32. Sort of shockingly eight out of 10 women believe that men "never stop being childish," citing behavior like burping, farting, staying silent during arguments and not...

Manipulation Vs. Maturity - 5 Tactics To Avoid (And 3 To Consider)

Reblogged from J.S. Park: If you're a preacher, teacher, or leader, you'll be pressured into enforcing a certain kind of moral intensity. You'll want more purity, more involvement, more passion, and more dedication out of your people. Your battle cry will be, "Come on you guys!" I understand you're zealous for behavioral upgrades: but this [...

At What Age Do Guys Mature?

The video games, the practical jokes, the cartoon pajamas in some cases ... it may seem like men never grow up. It turns out, men don't mature until they're 43. That's according to a Nickelodeon UK study as reported by In your opinion, when do guys mature? Leave your comments on our Facebook fan page and they may be read on the...

Men mature at approximately age 43, British study confirms

Men demonstrate their immaturity by being amused at farts and burps and playing video games, among other things, said women who participated in the survey. Not being able to cook simple meals, re-telling the same old stories and jokes when out with the boys, and owning a skateboard or BMX were also high on the list.

Brogrammers Explained: Science Says Guys Mature 11 Years Later Than Women Do

Hoodie aficionado Mark Zuckerberg. (Getty) Waiting for your techie boyfriend to shed his hoodie and become a man? Don't hold your breath. Regardless of how many startups he's founded or apps he's developed, a guy doesn't mature until age 43, according to The Telegraph, while women become adults 11 years earlier, at 32.

Men Mature at 43!

Breastfeeding symbol (Photo credit: Topinambour) So a survey suggests, and women at 32. Well I'm here to tell you that I've just about crept passed 43 and I have a few grey hairs, however I'm just as immature now as I was when I was 20. In fact I'm SO immature, I'm still breast-feeding, only just not from my...

Unfortunate study results: Men mature eleven years after women

Men are from Mars, and women are from Venus. But there may finally be one thing we can all agree on. A new study proves what most women have known for a long time. Men really do take longer to grow up than women do. Watch the report delivered (maturely) by FOX 4′s Mark Alford. Some of the examples he gives are amusing.

Griffins Goaltender Petr Mrazek Continues to Mature

GRAND RAPIDS, Mich. - At times it is tough to remember that Petr Mrazek is a rookie. The 21-year old goaltender has stepped right in and taken full control of the Griffins crease this season. He's started every single game in the postseason and has rewritten the Griffins record book with four shutouts in the playoffs.