Amateur emails addresses and unbusinesslike appearance

Not "fredsglass&" Starting in business we are eager to get our telephone number found and to have all lines of communication open. After all, what we need is customers, and if no one can contact us we will not get any. Right at the start we will put our email address in the local magazine or newspaper.

Life Science "Big Exits" on the Rise

If you have capital to invest in life science venture deals, now is a great time to do it. That was a central conclusion from a recent report by Silicon Valley Bank, which pointed to decreased competition for new deals and attractive valuations for later-stage companies as bullish indicators for life science investors.

Suit up or shut up

Do you own a suit? No, I don't mean your fathers old suit. I mean, do You own an actual slim lapel double breasted fitted suit. If the answer to this question was no, read on; if it was a yes, read on. Make this your mantra: I want to look good today. I'll start with a suit. There's a timeless art and elegance to a properly fitted suit.

powerade run for gold - let's run as one...

powerade run for gold - let's run as one be part of our virtual run and help raise p1 million for the first pinoy olympic gold medallist. just upload a video of you running and we'll edit you in. powerade ion 4 will donate p100 for every video submitted. run to support our olympic dream today. run for gold mechanics: 1.

Step by step from jQuery to Backbone

view raw gistfile1.js This Gist brought to you by GitHub . And here's the application up and running: Monologue . This simple application is based on a great JavaScript presentation by Brandon Keepers . However, while his focus is primarily on testing and design patterns - of which he does an amazing job - mine is on explaining the core...

Record-setting electric airplane exceeds 200-mph (w/ Video)

( -- Last week’s record of the fastest ever manned electric aircraft was set by electric-vehicle record-setter Chip Yates. He already had credentials as holding the world record for fastest electric motorcycle going over 196 mph last year. As a test pilot this time around, Yates flew an electric airplane and achieved 202.

NCAA expected to deal series of heavy blows to Penn State - Fox News

NCAA expected to deal series of heavy blows to Penn State Published July 23, 2012 Associated Press July 22, 2012: Worker hangs a blue tarp over the fence that was installed around the Joe Paterno statue as crews worked to remove the statue in State College, Pa.AP Now the NCAA gets its say on Penn State.

Hot nuclear matter

Upton NY (SPX) Jul 23, 2012 A review article appearing in the journal Science describes groundbreaking discoveries that have emerged from the Relativistic Heavy Ion Collider (RHIC) at the U.S. Department of Energy's Brookhaven National Laboratory, synergies with the heavy-ion program at the Large Hadron Collider (LHC) in Europe, and the compelling...

Of TPF Five, Split Votes and burgeoning Loyalty amongst Contestants Doreen, Jackson and Ruth.

By Mwaniga Gloria . In my heart a battle rages; the sort of battle that a guy fights when he likes two girls but doesn't know who to date because they are uniquely different and yet so special. The kind of battle that makes a girl toss and turn in her sleep because she just doesn't know who to choose between the 'good boy' that is rather boring...

US Economy Going from Bad to Worse: Roubini

A robust and self-sustaining U.S. recovery is not on the cards, and we should now expect below trend growth for many years to come, according to Nouriel Roubini, the economist famed for his bearish views. Roubini, best-known for calling the 2008 economic crisis, outlined five reasons the bulls have been wrong and argued that an American economic...