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ventral side (Photo credit: Wikipedia) The Spider Neighbor I live in flat number 5. I've noticed recently that someone is getting in and out from flat number 6. No one has lived there since I moved in here. One day I asked the other neighbor: 'Have you heard someone at number 6?' and he answered: 'Yes, I did, the manager said that it's a new...

U.S. Hangs Citizen Out to Dry in a Cuban Prison

By IULIA FILIP WASHINGTON (CN) - The United States and its contractor left a U.S. citizen to rot in a Cuban prison, failing to warn him that his U.S.-sponsored mission to distribute Internet equipment in Cuba is illegal, Alan Gross and his wife claim in court. Alan Gross and his wife Judith sued Development Alternatives [...

We love road works

Really? Really! Love it, love it, love it, love it! Especially the Romanian long distance road works. This time we could benefit from works between Sibiu and Medias which is more than 50km. The works slow down the traffic tremendously, shorten our cycling time and make us really happy since we for once arrive on time, at around 3pm.

Former Top Official Files Scorching Complaint Against SEC : Claims "Cover up" of Catastrophic Security Breach of the SEC

By IULIA FILIP WASHINGTON (CN) - A former assistant inspector general claims the SEC fired and defamed him for reporting misconduct by SEC officers and exposing potential security breaches at the agency. David P. Weber sued the U.S. Securities and Exchange Commission and SEC Chairwoman Mary Schapiro, in Federal Court.

Jessica Alba is all wet

Jessica Alba was wearing a loose-fitting white top in New York today when she got out of her car and had to quickly bend over to keep her baby out of the rain. These are the kinds of pictures you'll never see of January Jones. If that was her baby, he'd be in that rain until he was tall enough to climb out of the stroller.

Move over Jessica Alba - The Hobbits to feature in Windows Phone ad

We know Microsoft is spending a lot on celebrity endorsement of Windows Phone 8, but who knew the next person to step forward would be Gandalf? MarketingMagazine.co.uk reports Microsoft has reached an agreement with Warner Bros. to feature the Hobbit characters Gandalf and Bilbo in advertising for Windows Phone 8.


I could do with a bit less excitement these days, especially Wednesday was a day like birthday, Christmas, a pay rise and a lottery win at the same time. There was so much happening that I wasn't only tired from all the cycling but the excitement as well. Finally we've been able to experience Romania in a nice way as well and we feel a bit more...

Ukraine, Yanukovych re-elected as president

Viktor Fedorovych Yanukovych is gonna be re-elected as president of Ukraine. That's what emerges from the perusal of almost all the votes of polling stations around Ukraine, who would see the the pro-Russian President to remain in office for other 4 years. Bad result for his opponent Iulia Timoshenko, who is in prison (her condition has generated...

Jessica Alba,emily Vancamp,malin Akerman, Jessica Szohr,kat Graham, Cody Horn,photos

JESSICA ALBA,EMILY VANCAMP,MALIN AKERMAN, JESSICA SZOHR,KAT GRAHAM, CODY HORN,PHOTOS Photos were posted on 04 Oct 2012 at 7:27am Jessica Alba and Ian Somerhalder were honored in LA at the 2012 Enviornmental Media Awards. Jessica Alba wore a white Narciso Rodriguez blazer with black pants and captoe black & white pumps to the event in Viewing...

The Beautiful Jessica Alba gets a Stunning Red Nokia Lumia 920!

You guys were pretty excited when you heard that Jessica Alba had a Cyan Nokia Lumia 900. We cried out for Nokia to go get her a Nokia Lumia 920. It appears she already has one now. http://mynokiablog.com/2012/10/04/jessica-alba-spotted-in-new-york-with-cyan-nokia-lumia-900/ Check out those sweet curves! Mmmm :p Source: BuceJuice Via:...