Draw a curved line in c# in a Metro app

In my Metro app with c# and XAML, I have some basic points on which I want to draw. I can draw from point to destination . But the line drawn is straight, but my requirement is to draw the curved line. Like bented at some angle, but i fails to achieve this. Can someone help me to draw a curved line?

Bézier curve fitting with SciPy

I have a set of points which approximate a 2D curve. I would like to use Python with numpy and scipy to find a cubic Bézier path which approximately fits the points, where I specify the exact coordinates of two endpoints, and it returns the coordinates of the other two control points. I initially thought scipy.interpolate.

Application Trajectories

For any tuition-driven college, the run up to the arrival of the fall incoming class can be an exciting time. There are ways to lessen that excitement, and one of the simplest is to track the S-curves associated with key enrollment indices. An example is shown below. In this (made-up) example, historical accepted applications by application data...

Model complexity as a function of sample size

As we get more data, we can fit more model. But at some point we become so overwhelmed by data that, for computational reasons, we can barely do anything at all. Thus, the curve above could be thought of as the product of two curves: a steadily increasing curve showing the statistical ability to fit more complex models with more data, and a...

Capturing The Moment - Curve-billed Thrasher On A Rock

Capturing The Moment -- Curve-billed Thrasher On A Rock wp.me/peP6B-3yE via @ Kennetu 40 minutes ago Photo: Capturing The Moment - Curve-billed Thrasher On A Rock Curve-billed Thrasher On A Rock - Image by... tmblr.co/ZWy16vWw-_au 43 minutes ago Capturing The Moment -- Chinese Lantern Seed Pods wp.

AutoCAD .NET: IsOn(Point3d) & Curve.GetClosestPointTo & Curve.GetParameterAtPoint

Jeff H raised another good point about using the Curve.GetDistanceAtParameter and Curve.GetParameterAtPoint. Should we check whether the point is on the Curve or not inside the GetLength help method or outside of it? It is obvious that we have to do so. Otherwise, there is no way for the Curve.GetDistanceAtParameter and Curve.

Those Orgasmic Curves

I wish I could remember everything about curves and planes of The Louvre. The way the sound bounced around the cavernous spaces. How the light brought out the glitter in carved stone. Where I stood to ogle the Winged Victory of Samothrace, because I think I fluttered around the bank of stairs, snapping it from [...

How can I create a radial UIView?

I am trying to figure out how I can create a UIView with the shape of 'View 2' (see figure). I have only been able to draw a single line bezier curve that fits the shape, but I cannot figure out how to make the view itself this shape... Can anyone point me in the right direction or provide some sample code? Once I create this view.

Resetting Lightroom's Tone Curve

As many of you know, double clicking on the name of a slider (on a panel in Lightroom's Develop module) will reset the slider to it's default value. Although this might have been obvious to you, it had to be pointed out to me that in order to reset the Point Curve (in the Tone Curve panel) you simply need to double click on the words "Point Curve".

Get 1 year free access to BBM on buying Blackberry Curve 9220 & 9230 this Diwali

On the occasion of the upcoming festival of Diwali, Research in Motion, the makers of BlackBerry smartphones have announced a new offer for people who buy the BlackBerry Curve 9220 and BlackBerry Curve 9320 in India. All the new owners of the BlackBerry Curve 9220 and BlackBerry Curve 9320 will get one year of free access to the BlackBerry...